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RE: Re[2]: Rendezvous - Car

Longest recorded...

There was a craze a while back in Miami/Biscayne Bay among the Good Ol' boys
of stealing a Miami Vice / Drugrunner Cigarette, and jumping the floating
mangrove islands. Some boys made it, some didn't. Try running a 38'
Cigarette w/around 1000hp at 70+ MPH at a floating mangrove island. Either
you jump it, or the outdrives kick up so hard they land in the cockpit, or
you weren't going fast enough and make like a dart in the dart board. Oops.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>     I know this is off the subject but it is a chase.  The Glastron boat 
>     chase in one of older bond films that was filmed down south somewhere.
>      They actually set the world record for the longest boat jump when 
>     they jump over a road(and bufords chevy!).
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>Subject: Re: Rendezvous - Car
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>On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Paul C. Waterloo wrote:
>> One of my favorite chase scenes is with Steve McQueen in the Bullet.
>That has to be my favorit chace seen too.  Does anyone remember the film 
>he made with live race footage?  I'd like to get it.
>> It has been a long time since I have seen it, I'm sure most of you have.
>> Chasing through the streets of San Francisco in a ??? (he was driving
>> of mustang, maybe a GT 500 or ??).
>According to my friend, who has a 65 mustang, its just a 67 hatchback 
>with a 4 speed.
>> The guy chasing him had an old, now I can't even remember.  But what I do
>> remember is how cool he was during the chase.
>Its a Dodge Charger.  Watch the chace again carefully and watch how many 
>hub caps the Charger looses during the course of the chase.  8^)