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Howling sound: need help

You might have a loose CV joint.  If I can recall correctly, the CV joint allows
for both axial and radial misalignment while still transmitting power.  I have
not seen an Audi one apart, but ones that I have seen apart basically have a
male and female section with three half moon splines cut in them.  There are
large balls in the splines that transmit the power.

If the splines have worn significantly enough, there will be greater than
normally clearance, causing a large relative movement between the male and
female spline, causing a thump, especally when changing from braking to

This has happened on both my Triumph TR6 and Ford F150 on the the U-joints. My
F150 U-joints squeak when I drive it, the noise is proportional to vehicle
speed, and it gets louder/quieter if I am braking/accelerating.  They are
definitely starved of grease.  I don't know if you can exactly translate your
problem to a U-joint, but who knows?  If not the U-joint, it just might be
similiar circumstances in the transmission or differential.

Paul Waterloo

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From: Vikram_Mittal@notes.pw.com
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 96 17:49:59 EDT
Subject: Howling sound: need help

I have this 1988 Audi 80 (2.0 liter engine). It has the 5 speed
tranny.  Whenever,  I go over 40 mph I get this loud howling
sound.  It becomes less after doing over 70 mph for an hour
but that maybe my imagination.

We checked the differential fluid level and that is ok.  Also,
on rotating the wheels, there is no sideways motion - I think that
means that the bearings are ok. 

One symptom is that whever I engage gears (let out the clutch)
I always hear a thump as if there is some slack.  Could it be
that the differential has worn out ?? Please help as I do not
want to get stranded on the highway or create more 

Best Regards,