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Re: What car is this: the story so far

> Thought I knew my Audis, but what kind of car is
>         a  90-style Coupe Quattro with a (very S4-like)
>         badge reading "RS2 Porsche"?  There's one in our
>         company parking lot right now ..
>         -Arun

	Seems like I've stirred up quite a bit of interest. Well,
	I stuck my business card on his/her windshield (I'm pretty
	sure he/she doesn't work at Pixar, but then we've had quite
	a few new hires recently) with a note mentioning The List :-),
	prefaced with "Gorgeous car!".

	More about the car. It's fire-engine, arrest-me red. Didn't
	notice any Porsche/Brembo red calipers.  Aftermarket steering
	wheel with no airbag and "Veloce" (?) printed on it. 16"
	five-spoked alloys -- the kind which has lots of bolt-heads
	(fake?) visible.  Front headlight washers (two for each side).

	So .. lack of airbag suggests 1990 or earlier.  My guess
	agrees with the majority: wannabe who got lucky with the
	badges (which look *very* authentic, by the way).

	Some of you folks guessed the RS2 Avant.  I know about that
	one (and this obviously isn't it). In fact, it was the 
	only one I knew about with the RS2 label. I thought the 
	only hot-rod coupe was the S2.

	Will keep the list posted if something transpires!


Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804