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RE: What car is this: the story so far

Could the wheels be 15" six spoke (stock) Speedlines? Is the
hood/headlight/grille configuration similar to a 1990 90 sedan (with the
lights and grille right nest to each other), or to the V6 (93?) 90 sedan
(where the hood extends down the sides of the grille, separating the grille
from the lights)? If they are the Speedlines, and it has the 1990
hood/lights config, I say it's a wannabe with badges. Except for the
"Veloce" on the wheel (mine says "Momo"), you could have described my car,
minus some cool badges.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Arun Rao[SMTP:rao@pixar.com]
>Sent: 	Friday, April 05, 1996 11:27 AM
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>Subject: 	Re: What car is this: the story so far
>> Thought I knew my Audis, but what kind of car is
>>         a  90-style Coupe Quattro with a (very S4-like)
>>         badge reading "RS2 Porsche"?  There's one in our
>>         company parking lot right now ..
>>         -Arun
>	Seems like I've stirred up quite a bit of interest. Well,
>	I stuck my business card on his/her windshield (I'm pretty
>	sure he/she doesn't work at Pixar, but then we've had quite
>	a few new hires recently) with a note mentioning The List :-),
>	prefaced with "Gorgeous car!".
>	More about the car. It's fire-engine, arrest-me red. Didn't
>	notice any Porsche/Brembo red calipers.  Aftermarket steering
>	wheel with no airbag and "Veloce" (?) printed on it. 16"
>	five-spoked alloys -- the kind which has lots of bolt-heads
>	(fake?) visible.  Front headlight washers (two for each side).
>	So .. lack of airbag suggests 1990 or earlier.  My guess
>	agrees with the majority: wannabe who got lucky with the
>	badges (which look *very* authentic, by the way).
>	Some of you folks guessed the RS2 Avant.  I know about that
>	one (and this obviously isn't it). In fact, it was the 
>	only one I knew about with the RS2 label. I thought the 
>	only hot-rod coupe was the S2.
>	Will keep the list posted if something transpires!
>	-Arun
>Arun Rao
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