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Re: <movies> with Audis

>  BBBBBZZZZZZTTTTTttttt!!!  Actually, that show was on for a long time.  
>Higgins actually had an early body style (probably an '83) 5000S and 
>then in the later shows changed over to the newer body style '85 5000S.
>Both were that Saphire blue color though (light metallic blue).  That is 
>one of my favorite shows, that's why I know.
>    BTW, What other shows/movies did you work on?  You never answered that.
>                                                               Later,
>                                                               Dan
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>>The TV show Magnum P.I. had an 83 Audi 4000 that Higgins would let Magnum
>>My 2 cents worth !
>>Later !
>>>BBBBZZZZZtttttttttttttt..... Sorry there Keith but it was a 85 5000S.

But it still was'nt a 4000.......

The list of Movies and TV show's that I've worked on is long....  Movies 
like Risky Biz, Bad Boys, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Hail Hail Rock and 
Roll, Lot's of made for TV stuff, Music videos etc, etc....


Eric Fletcher