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Re: Finding out maintenance performed on a newly purchased vehicle

That is indeed true. I recently purchased my 1990 V8Q and tried to get information for the Audi dealership where the service was performed. The service guy actually printed out the list and mailed me a copy...but....it doesn't mean a thing since all the stuff they do to the car is numerically encoded. The service guy said that one couldn't  tell by looking at the print out. Wonder how they figure it out !! He told me that all work/maintenance was completed on the car upto the warranty period. After that, your'e on your own. Luckily for me the glove-box had a copy of all receipts of work performed on the vehicle.

Good luck,

Vikram Kumar
1990 V8 Quattro
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I remember reading a post that someone found out the service that had been
performed on an Audi at the dealer.  I contacted my dealer on a car I am
thinking about buying and he said one could not find out any kind of info.

What can of info can a Audi dealer tell you about a specific car and how do
you go about it.

Thanks in advance.