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Re: Many Subjects, Comments and One Question (long)

>To All Quattro Enthusiasts:
>5. Eurosport Engineering in Santa Ana, CA:
>I went to Eurosport Engineering the other day.  The owner, Fabryce Kutyba,
>and his father spoke with me at length.  He specializes in Audis, Porsches,
>and Bimmers.  He went into exhaustive detail on the mods he could do on my
>car.  He said he could drop a 5k turbo in my '90 80Q, do all the head,
>valve and engine work (port and polish, etc.), chip it (send to Ned),
>brakes (cross-drilled rotors and semi-metallic pads), Kevlar clutch, modify
>exhuast system, suspension work, body kit (not a goofy one) AND repaint the
>whole car for around 10-12k.

Considering that the people that have done the engine swap mod can attest 
to the fact that it ain't simple OR cheap I doubt that you could have all 
of that done for 10-12K. the Engine, Flywheel, Wiring Harness and 
Electronics are going to cost you $3000 alone, then you need the misc 
hardware, Mounts, Tach etc etc plus Install of the engine (Good Luck on 
the fit Ned and Stan Sokal both told me that it's 80 hour job to do the 
conversion @$65/hr....)$5200, Do head/valve/engine work $2000+, Chip the 
Computer $800....... Brake "Sidegrade" (Your not really upgrading the 
brakes....) $400 Kevlar(???? Never heard of that.... And I race.......) 
Clutch, Let's say $500..... Suspension work (I've developed a kit I know 
what they cost.....)$1250.... Body Kit $1000++ And Paint $2500 For a good 
one...... Let's see thats $16,650......

------------------More Snippage----------------------------

>7. My name as "The Judge":
>Someone made a comment about why I use this name.  Why does it matter?
>Does that really affect anything?  I have reasons to use it, so what's the
>problem?  All I can say is that is what I use now, so I am sorry if anyone
>has a problem.  Why anyone needs their name posted all over the Internet
>for any moron to get is beyond me.

Because The rest of us use our real names.... I don't understand why you 
can't do it.....


Eric Fletcher