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Re: Static shocks

>>OEM tires aren't cheap, they are probably the best tire for your car as they
>>were tuned for your car. If you want a "better" tire, that choice would
>>depend how you define better. Although I agree there are some dogs out there. 
>tuned for your car, yes.  better for your car? prob'ly not.  cheap?
>yes--when you have a few hundred thousand cars selling each year (x4
>tires/car) there's some serious effect on the bottom line.  remember, these
>aren't S4/S6s on Goodyear GS-Cs we're talking about.
>- --linus

OEM tires are held to higher specs than replacement tires, if a OEM tire
doesn't meet the auto manufacturers specs but still meets replacement tire
specs it is downstreamed to the replacement market. OEM tires cost more to
manufacture than replacement tires of the same type.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe 
87 5000CSTq