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USAA Insurance

I've been a USAA insurance buyer since (count 'em) 1957.  Five Jags, a 49
Buick Convertable, a 300SL, a Ford Pinto Wagon (that's another story),  a
Sportavia RF-5, VW Quantum syncro, 1990 200 tqs, RX-7, yat tiddy-yat tiddy, etc.

The ***good*** news is that about a month ago, USAA opened up their
eligibility to both currently serving enlisted men and NCOs, and,
presumedly, former EMs and NCOs which probably means also EM and NCO
relatives, friends, bar buddies, etc.  (What is this world coming
to?--allowing the barracks bozos to invade OUR space?  Bloody hell, --oh
barkeep--Rusty Nails with Black Lable and not the damned Cutty for the lads
of the 27th Squadron and put it on my tab. . . .) 

USAA is top rated.  Not only are their rates low and their service great
(for example, they assume that you're honest and are not overstating your
claim),  but after you've been with them for awhile, (because they're
essentially non-profit) you are notified that you have an accumulated
dividend which equates to about 10% of your premium, given that the losses
by USAA meet the expected guidelines.  I mean, chaps, where else in the
world do you get a statement in the mail that says, "We are currently
holding $2,110 in your savings account," then offer to pay it out to you
either in deductions from your annual policy or by a nice, clean, negotiable
check (limited to 10%/year of your accumulated savings.)  At my rate,
they'll owe me Texas in a couple of years.

We (frau and I) insure three cars, a plywood and fabric airplane, a house,
my business, a liability umbrella policy and total loss of potency (just
kidding) policies with USAA.  I've insured with them for longer than Bill
Clinton has been around and will continue to do so long after, I hope,
(fervently) he's gone.  

Final word--no cheatin! and no 1.9 bar boosting.   I don't want to see my
rates go up!

Doug Terman
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.
Audis, et. al.