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Re: What car is this?

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 00:40:35 -0500, you wrote:

>At 02:18 PM 4/4/96 -0800, Arun Rao wrote:
>>Thought I knew my Audis, but what kind of car is
>>	a  90-style Coupe Quattro with a (very S4-like)
>>	badge reading "RS2 Porsche"?  There's one in our
>>	company parking lot right now ..
>>Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
>       ....Well, folks, lets look at the facts.  He said the badge was an RS2 b
>adge, yet the RS2 was an avant based on the 90 platform.  The coupe was an S2.
>So, It's probably choise A, or a wannabee, who put an RS2 badge on his coupe.
>If I could only get my hands on one of them badges.....Hmmm.  I've seen a 200TQ
>20V with an S4 badge on it before.  But, you should try to talk to the guy....h
>e'd probably love this list and is probably a QClub member.
>                                                             Later,
>                                                             Dan

Here in the UK, the RS2 is (or maybe I should say 'was') available as
either a Coupe or an Avant Estate.  They are S2s that have been
modified by Porsche.
The exterior differences are Porsche alloy wheels, bright red
calipers, Porsche styles door mirrors and a great looking front bumper
with black grills in the air ducts.
The performance specification for the Avant is :
2226 cc engine producing 315bhp
Max speed 163 mph
0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds
Top speed of 163 mph

Matt West
Oxford, England.
e-mail : audi@tdraft.demon.co.uk
1989 Audi Coupe 2.2E