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Re: What car is this?

>To: Arun Rao <rao@pixar.com>
>From: aspeer@mail.utexas.edu (Andrew J. Speer)
>Subject: Re: What car is this?
>>Arun Rao (this list's latest celebrity) wrote:
>>	But ... the Detroit-killer RS2 that you mention is only an Avant, I'm
>>	told, so this one's just a pretender Coupe Quattro owner who chanced
>>	upon very factory-looking badges.  My business card is still under
>>	his wiper, so I think he hasn't noticed it yet.  He parks around the
>>	building from me, so it's unlikely I'll encounter him normally.  Still,
>>	I'll keep my eye out.
>>	-Arun
>>It seems my first impressions were confirmed, and the "RS2" is merely a
Milly Vanilli wannabe rather than the automotive equivalent of Wagner's
Siegfried.  Nevertheless, I'd like to defend my claim that Porsche modified
both the S2, and
>the 90 Quattro Wagon.  The Coupe is an RS2, the Wagon is simply the "Avant
Quattro".  Neither ever (so very unfortunately) found its way stateside.  I
do know, however, John Buffum races an S2 in California.  I recently saw him
in (of all places) Peru, South America, (don't ask me what I was doing
there) where he participated in the "Inca's Rally".  He proceeded to
absolutely demolish any competition the local and international rally
establishment had to offer, and smashed course records by several hours.