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Re: Subwoofer <clarification, long>

At 03:58 AM 4/6/96 -0500, Kyle D Ledford wrote:
>On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

>> what are the risks if you didn't (besides the obvious of operator 
>>error draining your battery)?  
>Yeah...... that was the reason....

no offense kyle, but this kinda shop bothers me...

1.  it alters the vehicle's operation from what the factory
designed/intended on a wholesale basis without any design/engineering
considerations.  ("oh, any car without, we do this way...").  especially
given the weak electricals in our cars, this seems to be an unnecesary risk.

2.  on an older car with points & condenser, this is a risk to the
ignition's primary circuit (designed for make & break use, not continuous,
if you just want to listen to the radio, but not run the engine).  okay, so
there aren't too many of those cars around anymore. still...

3.  it presumes that we are less intelligent than the shop and they know
what's best for us  (what happened to the customer service concept of the
customer's always right?)

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