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Chase Stuff

Arun Rao <rao@pixar.com> wrote:

>     Ok, here's an obscure one. There was a mid-seventies movie
>     called "Fear Is the Key" (based on an Alistair Maclean book)
>     which had a really *cool* car chase right in the beginning:
>     a red Mustang chased by police cars, I believe.

With apologies to all, BZZZZZZTTTTTTT!!  Arun, you ahve a good memory 
- but the car was a red Ford Torino.  The star was Barry Newman, who 
had recently starred in the TV series "Petrocelli", I believe - it 
was a lawyer series.  I agree, this is a GREAT chase sequence, which 
ends with him jumping the car onto a departing ferry, which clearly 
bends the unibody just in back of the front mounting points - the 
whole car goes into a V right in front of the doors...just clears the 
ground by an inch or two.

PLEASE, friends - if you only read ONE Alistair Maclean book, I 
recommend "Fear is the Key" or "Night Without End".  Those two are 
absolutely superb, and you cannot figure out what is going on with 
the hero until the last 25% or les of the book.  They are wonderful 
reading, but very intense!

Our list-friend treilley_at_BANKMARK@conseco.com (treilley) wrote:

>      I know this is off the subject but it is a chase.  The Glastron boat 
>      chase in one of older bond films that was filmed down south somewhere. 
>       They actually set the world record for the longest boat jump when 
>      they jump over a road(and bufords chevy!).

Don't know whether it was a record, but the love was "Live and Let 
Die".  That boat chase was a good one.  (Although I must admit the 
360 degree rotation jump from one broken bridge segment to another in 
a Bond movie made my jaw drop.  It even had a note in the credits for 
the computer workup to calculate the jump!  don't remember whether 
this was in thesame movie.) 

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