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4000q rear suspension

Dear Quattrophiles-

There have been some quite heated debates on the quattro line lately.

I hope someone out there can take some time out from the analysis of
static shocks, who is qualified to design an exhaust manifold, and what
year the Audi was in Magnum P.I.

I have an 86 4kcsq, and am having some odd suspension problems.  I was
wondering if anyone has experienced similar?

The cars rear end makes a momentary rotational scraping noise when braking
(however the rotors are not warped).  Also the rear tires are wearing in a
wavy patern.  It seems as though the rear wheels are not located well, and
are moving around.  Worn suspension components, right?

Well although things are probably old enough, I can't seem to find
anything to cause this problem.  I have jacked up the rear of the car, and
shaken the wheels vigorously.  There is a very small amount of play in one
of the rear tie rod ends (1-2mm maybe), but nothing I can find to cause
these two problems.  Even the strut cartridges are in good shape.

Any ideas?  What are the symptoms of a failing rear strut bearing?  How
well is the rear differential supposed to be located.  It seems the
bushings are pretty soft, but I figure that was probably the intent (so as
to filter out road shocks from its large mass).

Responses are appreciated.

Mason B