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Good alternator News

Thought I'd share news of an honest shop.  My 110-amp alternator 
(1990 200) was sounding like a garbage disposal full o'spoons, to I 
decided bearings must be going at 68K.

I went to Bryan Alternator in Bryan, TX and asked them to replace 
brushes, bearings, do whatever else was needed.  I had it back in 
four hours for $36!  They did the bearings and checked the windings, 
and that was about it.  Everything else was in great shape.  Since I 
was ready to pay $96.50 for a rebuild, this is very fair treatment.

Credit where credit is due - and this message is that credit.  These 
gents also rebuilt the alternator on my 280ZXT, and it has run 
flawlessly.  Outfits like this are why I often recommend having your 
OWN alternator or starter rebuilt locally r/than buying a rebuilt.
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