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Re: No ABS?

>> Is it possible to disconnect the front ABS sensors so they are 
>> non-functional leaving the car with ABS for the rear tires only?  I do 
>> not like the ABS in my car and I haven't driven with it for a long time.  
>> However I have noticed that occasionally a back tire will lock and I 
>> would prefer to not flat spot my tires.  

Brendan, What you want to do, can't be done..... Disconnect one sensor 
and the ABS shut's down.  What your trying to do any way is bypass the 
Hydraulic Modulator output to the front brakes.... Small problem is you 
can't bypass that pump with out complete removal of it........  If you 
really hate the ABS first Learn to stop the car (Why are you into the abs 
anyway?) then disable the complete ABS system by removing the fuse, ABS 
Control relay or just disconnect a sensor.  But unless you have a VERY 
educated brake foot, Do yourself a favor and leave it alone......

Then Al Powell said:
>Hi, Brendan.  This question is interesting.  Would you mind 
>explaining why you don't like the ABS?  I'm sure you are aware that 
>although it is not intended to stop you shorter than standard brakes 
>(as many people seem to think) but it does provide increased ease of 
>control - and often does stop shorter because of that  control.
>Its primary advantages (in my understanding) are:
>1) To prevent the front wheels from locking up under heavy braking; 
>one "Big-T Truch" is: when the front tires lock up, you CAN NOT steer. 
>Therefore, ABS offers you as a drive the chance to dynamite the 
>brakes for maximum stopping ability while retaining full steering 
>control.  This is truly a valuable circumstance!
I would'nt say that you have Control with the steering when you gernade 
the Brakes, I'd say that unless your VERY Careful with the steering your 
looking at a MAJOR spin... Remeber ABS just like the Quattro System 
cannont transmute physics.  Stand on the brakes, transfer weight to the 
front, reduce availble traction to on the rear, yank the steering wheel 
and you've just asked the car to spin. 


Eric Fletcher