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Re: No ABS?

> 1) To prevent the front wheels from locking up under heavy braking; 
> one "Big-T Truch" is: when the front tires lock up, you CAN NOT steer. 
> Therefore, ABS offers you as a drive the chance to dynamite the 
> brakes for maximum stopping ability while retaining full steering 
> control.  This is truly a valuable circumstance!

At the risk of being pedantic, you can't have maximum braking ability if you
are also asking the tires to turn; likewise, you can't have full steering if
you're also asking the tires to brake.  It's that friction circle thing...
> 2) ABS helps to compensate for situations in which some tires are on 
> a different traction surface than others; example would be a side-of-
> the-road stop in which you get our outside tires onto gravel, or 
> hard braking during which you hit a patch of pavement with sand, 
> gravel, or ice.  ABS will help keep you from getting seriously 
> sideways or losing control in such situations.

In most cases, I'm pretty comfortable that I can outperform the ABS setup on
my car but in the situation described above, it has saved my butt, Big-Time.
Just another point of reference...

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