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Re: No ABS?

>First of all, I feel that ABS is a wonderful option.  I feel that the ABS 
>in my car is not as refined as that of other cars I have driven.  I 
>always feel that I can stop quicker with the ABS off, it seems to 
>intervene prematuraly.  Further more, when braking hard over rough 
>pavement and the ABS is triggered the car is a nightmare to stop. 

 The ABS 3 and 4 systems used by the Q's are some of the better ABS's on 
the market.  Yes the well trained can beat it, But 99% of the General 
public can't touch it.... Are you sure that your good enough to beat it 
in a emergency situation..... Few non-racers are, even though they think 
they can.....  Seen too many louse it up at schools/track 
days/auto-x's...  You really think that if it's tough for ABS on the 
rough stuff you can do better? Not many can.....NJTH


Eric Fletcher