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Just thought I would add my 2 cents;  the brakes and rotors on the 20V sedan
the Coupe Quattro are NOT the same.  The Coupe has the two-piston calipers
(40/45 mm), the sedan has single-piston calipers (54 mm).  Rotor diameter is
 276 mm on the Coupe and 256 mm on the Sedan.  Above is per the Bentley shop
 manual.  The also say the master cylinder is different on the 10V, 20V and
(total of 3 different cylinders, 22.2 /23.81 / 25.4 mm bore).

I know for a FACT that the 14" wheels fitted on the sedan do NOT fit the
Coupe.  I
was looking for another set of wheels to run snow tires and had to go with a
Centra wheel; the 14" wouldn't clear the calipers.  Now, the brakes on the
90 V-6 might be the same as the Coupe; I seem to rember this from something
I read.

By the way, just turned 100,000 miles on the Coupe Quattro, and still
wouldn't sell it
for anything else on the market today (A4 doesn't have hatchback utility and
like turbos for durability/longevity).

Ray at porsray@aol.com

1990 Coupe Quattro
1995 Porsche 993 (to all of you poking fun at Porsches - eat your heart