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The Coolest Hemicuda? (Not in Bullitt)


While Bullitt was cool, and so was the Hemi, it was not THE coolest.  If I
remember correctly, the Hemicuda driven by Reggie, Jody amd Mike in the
horror classic PHANTASM was the best.

While it did show up again in Phantasm II and III (lame flicks, the first
one was sweetest), nothing can match that car and that the seventies
goofiness of the original.  The guys used that thing to get away from the
Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) and boogied around their town.  Some of the
integral scenes were filmed with the Hemi in close proximity, and you could
tell by the engine sounds it was a beast.

BTW, there are some pretty cool Phantasm web sites out there....

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