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RE: Coupe Q Update

My Coupe has the "quattro" badge on the grille, and has no armrest. Both the
90 and 5KSQ I have previously owned had armrests, but I don't miss it on the
Coupe. Beware of your new car's appetite for speed on the ride home! I found
myself going almost double the posted (65mph) limit on my ride home! Way
cool, and way expensive had someone other than me noticed first.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Sent: 	Saturday, April 06, 1996 10:11 AM
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>Subject: 	Coupe Q Update
>First, I'd like to thank all of you that emailed me with information on
>coupe Qs.
>I had many replys and I wasn't able to reply to all of you individually.
>I think I am going to purchase this 1990 Coupe Q, 60k Miles, black/tan
>leather, heated seats, etc...
>I have not seen the actual car, all I am going on is a dealer description
>and three photos.
>I do have the car at the vw/audi shop nearest to the dealer that has this
>car. They are going to do an 
>inspection for condition.
>I have a couple questions... The front end appears factory straight, but
>there is no Q badge on the grille.
>Did these cars come with a Quattro badge?
>Also, looking at the interior pictures, there is no armrest. Thet always
>bothered me about my 4ks. Is 
>there a factory or aftermarket armrest for this car?
>I'm looking forward to a 1200 mile drive home with this one....
>'94 Cherokee Country
>'94 Grand Cherokee Ltd. V8
>'90 Coupe Quattro  <---- next week.....