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Re: K-jet idle mix tool...

   What type of tool do I need to reach down into that little hole between the

A little doohickey works . . .

As I recall, it's a 3 or 3.5mm hex (allen) wrench. The kind with the "rounded"
ball-end makes life a lot easier.

   air flow sensor plate housing and the fuel distributor? Is there just a little
   teeny allen screw down there? And whatever is down there does in fact control
   the idle mix, right?

Nope, it's a static mixture adjust, it affects the entire rev range (although
proportionately more effect on low-end than high.

Manual says to adjust via measuring CO (CO2?) with O2 sensor disconnected
and a bunch of other crap too.

I adjust via monitoring the ECU's FreqValve duty cycle output. Ideal is
50% (static mixture dead on, ECU needs no corrections). I've had good luck
in past lives by adjusting for about 45% at idle (slightly rich). The
effect is that cold, the static mixture will be richer; warmed up the
mixture will be right on (ECU==>duty cycle control).

Idle speed is set via idle air bypass on throttle body and NOT BY THE
THROTTLE STOP SCREW on the throttle body. Strange creatures, these cars...


P.S.	Oh yeah, the mixture adjust is extremely sensitive, leaving the
	allen wrench in place will affect the mixture -- you have to find
	the screw, change it, remove wrench, blip throttle a few times and
	wait for it to settle down again to see what effect you had when
	you mucked with it.