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Re: questions

>hello everyone.  I have a few questions regarding the coupe gt.  I have an
>    1.  My first question is regarding the black trim along the doors.
>It has become severly faded and almost white.  I tried using some of the
>armor all black chrome and it did absolutely nothing to help this problem.
>I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I can do inexpensively.
>My friend suggested black shoe polish, but I am unsure of this solution.

Not sure on this one. I have used black again and it seems to last a while,
but does fade. My trim pieces are still flat black so it works ok for me.

>    2. How long does it take to get behind the instrument panel to
>check on the speedo.  I have been quoted two hours, at 130 dollars.  This
>is before they actually do anything though.

About 10 minutes, undo 2 screws underneath the front trim by steering
wheel which holds the switches in place, undo 2 screws in same trim
under top part in front of speedo and tach. slightly pull forward this trim.
Now you can lift up the hood covering the instruments, start at the front,
there are 2 pins which are inserted in the dash at the rear. The speedo
should now be exposed. 2 screws hold in the cluster at the front along
with some wires and bulbs at the rear. Once everything is unpluged,
it should lift out.

>    3.  What is the best stuff that I can use to clean the wheels.

I use any type of wheel cleaner, Eagle 1, P21, etc and mucho elbow

>    4. How much should I pay for a driver's side hub assembly.  I also
>have to get the bearings done on this side.

Don't know.

>    5.  How easy is it to install a new control arm bushing on the
>driver's side.  I have no mechanical experience and I was wondering if I
>could save some money on the labor.

This has been documented in the last 2 months for somebody
working on a 4000q. Check out the archives. The front of the GT
is the same as the 4000q. Also if you are in there, you should do
both bushings.

>    6.How much does a driver's side mudflap cost and where can I get

Maybe a couple of bucks? Dealer?

>    7.Are there any Audi clubs in the states that I can join, also any
>aftermarket parts catalogs that I can get a hold of.

You can join quattro club USA as an associate member. As far as I know
there is no 1 catalog available which has performance Audi parts in it

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 GT