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Re: K-jet thanks, trans plugs

     I hope it is not the same as the oil drain plug.  The 17mm hex head is 
     quite a bit smaller than the threaded portion.  When I got my Coupe 
     last year the dealer overtorqued it and I had to cut it off.  Hours 
     and hours of fun.  I had to drill sideways through the hex head, put a 
     hardened drill bit through it, heat it and grab it with a pair of vice 
     grips.  I even had to attach a breaker bar to the vice grips.
     Good luck
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: K-jet thanks, trans plugs
Author:  Bryan Gunn <bgunn@voicetek.com> at Internet
Date:    4/8/96 3:04 PM

Okay, okay....
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about the idle mix tool. I'll 
pick up a long 3mm hex wrench this weekend.
Here's another one: I bought several quarts of the fabled Redline gear oil 
this weekend. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I could not BUDGE 
the stupid drain and fill plugs on the transaxle and rear end. They take a 
monster 17mm hex wrench, which I have, but I applied every fiber of my 
being in several different contortions to try and loosen them, but no go. 
Is there some trick to getting them out? Or am I just a big wuss. And yes, 
I'll make sure I can remove the fill plug BEFORE I remove the drain plug.
Aaaaaand I'm still lookin' for a 2/3 worn Dunlop SP8000 size 215/50-15.
Thanks everybody.
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