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Radar and Speed

The best source I have found for current info. is from an organization
called the National Motorists Association (NMA).  They have DOT studies
which argue against irrational speed limits, links to most states'
traffic laws, and more.  Web site is http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/nma/

The NMA is a libertarian organization that lobbies in the interests of
individual rights of drivers (if you're not endangering others or
others' property, it shouldn't be against the law).  They also take much
credit for the recent abolition of the Federal 55 mph limit, though I
don't have any way of knowing how much of this is true.  Much info is
available on radar techniques and weaknesses in radar procedures.  The
NMA also has an enormous legal resource kit available for rent to
members only to help beat speeding tickets.

I am a member and recommend that anyone who likes to drive fast and safe
(safe drivers are those who drive fast or get out of the way) without
being harassaed by police officers join also.  Membership is $35.

- Greg Koehler
Redmond, Washington
'90 Audi 80 Quattro