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Re: Jumping wires to run Rad. fan

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Steven Verona wrote:

> I want to know if I jump a hot lead wire from the radiator fan on my 86 
> 4kq to the hot post on my battery will the fan run continuously (I 
> assume so) and will it damage or interfere with anuthing else?
> I would liike to make the connection with a wire with alligator clips 
> on the end.  This will allow me to cool my motor a bit more than it 
> will with the thermo switch between autocross runs.
> Thanks for the help.  I am pretty sure I can do this without a problem, 
> but I thought I would ask before I make a mistake.

Yep, it will run all the time. But I did the same thing, wired it up 
nice, to a toggle on the dash, so I can flick it on or off when I want. 
Great feature. 

BTW, working on your tach indicator... almost done!


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