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Re: Radar detector types?

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> Guys, and gals,
>         Since we are discussing detectors, I have a question to ask.
> What detectors do you use, and are you SURE that they are working as
> advertised?
>   my new Uniden LRD6199SW in his car. At least two times, we
> passed radar traps that my Bel detected miles ahead.  In all cases, the
> Uniden was silent!  I'm sending that sucker back!


  You are right on with this one. C & D as well as Automobile mag. did tests recently and 
the Uniden series was ranked #1 by C & D and #2 by Auto., only behind the Bel 

  In the tests, the Uniden really seemed competitve and for $100 less than the Bel appeared 
like a legitimate option. Well, that Uniden is a piece of shittim (OT reference for all you 
theologians out there). The only time it blasts a real useful warning is when the cops are 
blasting a constant signal and are no more than two blocks away - seriously. Have had real 
world experience with this, fortunately no tickets though. The only time this piece of crap 
has given that warning is when I can see the cop coming right away a block or so away.
  I think I'll drive over my Uniden and then buy the Bel.