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Wastegate Diaphragm Info

Hello fellow listers!  A list member in Ireland has followed up for us on
the wastegate diaphragm issue.  His e-mail to me is below.  I would like to
get a list of TQC owners that want a wastegate diaphragm going so that the
next time I communicate with these vendors, I'll be able to give them an
accurate count of the amount of product they will need to produce.  This
will fix the cost for us.  So far I have one or two people that have
e-mailed me saying "sign me up!"  We'll need more than that to make this
worthwhile.  When you e-mail me, please include your name and address.  I
don't know if these direct e-mails to me should also be posted to the
list... It seems that the archives have enough "Me too!" posts in it already!

<begin George of Ireland e-mail to me... Thanks George!>


Some info at last....

I spoke to TurboBoost on Friday. The explanation for 'per pair' is as follows...
Early versions (WR engine) used a single diaphragm, later versions (MB) use
a double (just two singles attached to each other. To save on manufacturing
costs they only produce the double diaphragm as it works perfectly in both
the early and later versions.
Their price is as you said....100 pounds Stg. for one double diaphragm or 75
pounds Stg. if quantity exceeds 50.

I contacted DIALYNX PERFORMANCE who specialise in the ur-quattro. Their
explanation for the 'pair' is the same. But prices...89.50Stg for one double or
75Stg if quantity exceeds 5 (yes FIVE)! Higher quantity will attract even
better discount. The guy I spoke to is Alraed (al red) the prop. of Dialynx.
Dont know where he's from ...weird accent. These prices exclude VAT (17.5%)
but if shipping to outside the EC then VAT does not apply anyway.
Unit 3,
Bagbury Park,
Lydiard Millicent,
Swindon SN5 9LU
United Kingdom.
Phone 01793-772245
Fax   01793-722948

You'll have to put your international code in front of this and possibly
drop the leading zero. From Ireland I dial 0044-1793-772245.
Hope this helps.



John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8