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4kCS-Q - Problems? :-(

I bought an Audi 4000CS-Quattro last fall with aprox-136k miles Since
then I've 1)changed cap/rotor, went silver-BOSCH plugs (my mech. says
they are 10 times better then the platnum ones?) 2)the main vacum hose
under the air-intake manafold, 3)fuel filters.  When I boght the car it
needed, a fuel pump and clutch (traded in 86 VW 8-Valve Scricco for the
major re-pairs and minnor ones, wheel bearings, door handles (HHMM)....

Well now I have 145k miles and the car runs like S__t, it idels like my
old 5kD, and between 2300-3200RPM it kinda like stumbles once past
4000rpm its a Blast!  gas milage is about 19/23 in the winter (only had
car for about 5 months?) And that vacume hoes I replaces it has
4-openings and is about 35-45 dollars?  When the engine is revved or
changes rpm it getts pulled in (a lot of preesure!!!)  Does any know
1)should it do that, 2)is this a magical miles number where things go
down hill?? 3)I LOVE my 'Q' - Please help!!

P-S-  If it matter when ever HARD cornering (90 deg tight turns at 40mph
+) the high-temp light comes on if that matter the temp is about 1/3 to
2/3 on the needle and the oil-temp is only 130?!

Thank you