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91 200 susp. upgrade-update

Finally received my suspension kit from Eric.  After working thru 
some gremlins peculiar to my car, Eric got it sorted for me very 
quickly, just in time for a day at Moroso Motorsports Park here in 
south Florida.  Although I got a few snickers when I first took out 
the Avant, that stopped pretty quickly as I caught up to a bunch of 
quick cars IN THE CORNERS. This was even with the UFO brakes ( big 
reward for info leading to conversion to standard pieces).   The 
suspension kit is great on the street and very workable on the track. 
Eric is working with me to fine tune some of the parameters.  He is 
very knowledgable about suspension set up.   While I can't directly 
compare his set up to competitors, I can tell you that it makes the 
car wonderful for everyday use.  
  WARNING: Red mist approaching.  Now looking for bigger wheels and 
tires, maybe a chip........
91 200 STEADItqw