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CQ: Door Seals Leaking

My Coupe's door seals near the top hinge of both the driver's and passenger's
side doors seem to be leaking during highway driving while it's raining
pretty hard. I must admit that I haven't moisturized the seals during the
last year, so maybe it's due to their contracting in wet and cold weather...

The region where they are leaking has a 1.5mm rubber lip, that extends
vertically facing the front of the car, right underneath the mirrors, but it
located on the body weatherstripping - maybe it's not doing it's job??

On a seperate water leaking issue, I also have a very minor leak right over
the passenger side door window, which causes a couple of drops of water to
drop down from the felt interior of the weatherstripping (it's located near
the forward roof rack mount), and I gently pulled it out. The felt and the
rubber weatherstripping exterior seems to be one piece, and I thought I saw a
long white strip which may have been securing the strip to the car body at
that point. Has anyone replaced the part in the area I've described?

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of trying some silicone lube (gel),
to lube them up.

Love the car otherwise!! Keep those revs above 4K, and feel the power!


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4
1990 Coupe Q
1986 Chevy Caprice (In the shop, waiting for me to pick it up!)