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Re: BMW I6 vs Audi V6 vs VW VR6

At 06:05 PM 4/8/96 -0400, Hugh Odom wrote:
>> re: engine power vs BMW 2.8l
>> 172hp vs 189/190 hp?  What's the big deal.
>> If you want to complain, take aim at the 
>> Audi auto transmission.  Very sluggish.
>>a) audi 2.8 is 12 valve.
>>b) bmw 2.8 is 24 valve.
>>Audi's 2.8L w/ 30 valves w/ variable intake manifold and
>>camshaft puts out 193hp.
>I think his point was 18 hp doesn't seem like a vast horsepower difference.   
>What I want to know is (never having driven either car), why does the auto
>press universally "rave" about the VW 2.8 VR6 (172 hp or so) and universally
>rate the Audi 2.8 as "lukewarm", "adequate", etc.  The VR6, with only 2

The auto press raves about the VR6 because of its innovative size.  This
allows the engine to be fit easily in very small, light


>Come to think of it, I wonder if that VR6 would fit in a 5 cylinder slot?  

It would easily fit...don't know if it would be worth the trouble though.
Several companies will put the VR6 in the smaller VW's...about
$24,000 for a 92 GTI with the VR6.  Haven't seen it done with an Audi.

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