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'91 Turbo Coupe/Revised list

In '91 when Audi blessed us with the 217 HP 200, there was a coupe version
available in Europe. Anyone know if any were imported here?

And how's this for Audi rankings:

'86-'90 500 CSTQ/200 Bargains of this decade. Hot rod potential. Luxury
''86-87 Coupe-great handling/practical great cars. Wished there were more
with 130HP
'82 5000Turbo-the car that started Audi lust for me. Still great looking.
Veery fast for its time. The '82 non turbo has perhaps the best ride of any
car. Ever. Great steering, too.
'83 URQuat-'nuff said. What started the revolution
-8? Homo special of URQuat-with 300 HP and a shortened wheelbase. Anyone own
any of these?
'91 200-Great 'cept the brakes
'S4+S6-ultimate. HOpefully the next car I'll buy
RS2 Wagon-even more ultimate
'91 Coupe-164 hp of fun
'96 A4-great car, though short on HP makes up for in looks/finish. What
happened to the monster trunks/practicality Audi's were know for, though?