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I apologize for the identical messages to the list. I, too, have been
getting these 'mail-tosser'-messages and thought the list server was acting
up, so I re-sent my message.

Sorry again!


PS on a somewhat more interesting subject: Anyone coming to Holland around
the end of May? I've just seen a notice of a meeting of the AACN, the Dutch
Audi Club, who organise a meeting to celebrate their first ten years
jubilee by showing Audi models from the past. A rather nice selection of
classic Audis is promised, as well as current models. The event is being
held at a VAG dealers' on May 25th around Amsterdam and could prove fun!

Anyone interested: mail me and I'll look up the details for you. I'm going
there and taking my camera...

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   Apeldoorn, the Netherlands                   Fax +31 (55) 5 790 125

 Cat:   What? Am I the only sane one here? Why don't we drop the
        defensive shields?
Kryten: A superlative suggestion, sir, with just two minor flaws.
        One: We don't have any defensive shields, and Two:
        We don't have any defensive shields. Now, I realise that,
        technically speaking, that's only one flaw, but I thought
        that it was such a big one it was worth mentioning twice.

                            (From the BBC TV series 'Red Dwarf')