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V8 O2 Sensor

Hi Vikram,

The 1990 V8 has one oxygen sensor.  I've replaced mine.  If you crawl
under the car it is located about even with the front edge of the
doors.  Your exhaust system meets together and the O2 sensor is
screwed in right there.  I didn't have the right wrench and ended up
using a pair of....gasp... vise grips to get it out.....  Do yourself a favor
and don't buy from the dealer.  Call imparts or Strano's, Clair etc....

You should pay about $125 to $145 maybe for the Bosch 3 wire


Mike L.

P.S. Checked out your V8 website a couple weeks back.  Your V8 looks
         real nice!!  Did ya get the pic's of mine ?

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