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euro light adjusters

     I recently purchased a set of Bosche euro lights for my 85 4ksq and 
     came up a little short on adjustment screws. I made due with something 
     else when I installed them, but now that I have some more time and 
     it's warmer, I would like to get the appropriate adjusters and end the 
     problems I have with vibration and alignment and so on.
     Now, I did look into getting them from my local dealer, I even took 1 
     of the right ones with me for them to match up. But, they couln't find 
     it in the fiche, and had no listings that were'nt for the us lights.
     This is a long machine thread screw that has the head of the screw 
     located in a plastic retainer that fits into a small provision on the 
     lamp housing. The US lights have rectangular plastic bracket that 
     slides in another bracket on the back plate that mounts to the car.
     Any body know what I'm talking about?
     TIA, Todd.
     Todd Candey          85 4ksq
     Skokie, IL
     cc:mail sucks