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Movie Notes & Door Seals

"Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com> said:
> >2.  Can't remember the name of the other - but it was Kowalski driving the
> >Challenger from Denver to SF...
>        Yes Dave, this is one of my all-time favorite movies.  And, yes, the mai
> n character's name was Kolwofski (sp?) played by the guy from Starsky and Hutch
> (early Aaron Spelling program).  

BZZZZT.  The character's name was Kowalski, but the actor was Barry 
Newman (who did Petrocelli on TV) not the gent from the Starsky & 
Hutch TV series.

> Anyways, he has to deliver something to someone
> from Denver to SF, and quickly.  During the movie we learn a lot 
> about his past and why he is so against establishment, and an outlaw.  
> This movie is a non-stop high speed chase and is great!  He races 
> people, f**ks with cops, etc, and this blind radio host named 
> Supersoul helps him get through.  

Super Soul was played by Cleavon Little, in one of his early notable 
performances - he soon came to wider notice for his lead in Blazing 

> He gets many fans
> along the way as well, and this guy is just cool as hell.  But beware of the su
> prise ending...I was very sprised.  Kinda wierd.  But, non stop excitement non
> the less and a must see, especially for those really into muscle cars.

Another note - on leaking door seals, Dorab said:

> On a seperate water leaking issue, I also have a very minor leak right over
> the passenger side door window, which causes a couple of drops of water to
> drop down from the felt interior of the weatherstripping (it's located near
> the forward roof rack mount), and I gently pulled it out. The felt and the
> rubber weatherstripping exterior seems to be one piece, and I thought I saw a
> long white strip which may have been securing the strip to the car body at
> that point. Has anyone replaced the part in the area I've described?
> Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of trying some silicone lube (gel),
> to lube them up.

As a general suggestion, once every six months we should ALL take a 
can of spray silicone (NOT a gel formulation, as it leaves too much 
residue and will attract too much dirt) and spray all door and window seals, trunk seals, and 
hoses and other rubber goodies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) under the 
hood.  This is the best and cheapest way to keep those seals live and 
doing their job.  

After spraying, if possible, leave the door or trunk open to let the 
seal expand for at least 8 hours.

Try to avoid overspray onto the body and paint in case you ever 
have to have that area painted or touched up.

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