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Re: Door Seals Leaking

Peter Schulz wrote:

>I noticed that both front doors have "settled" (the rear of the doors no longer
>properly align with the rest of the body.  I need to adjust the
>hinges and door strikers.  This should "raise" the door and diminish, if
>not completely solve the wind noise and/or leak...

"Settling" doors is a common problem on 2 door cars, especially big American
ones (see below).  It's usually caused by wear in the hinges, and many cars
have removable pins and bushings that can be changed out to restore the fit.
You might check if anything like this exists for Coupes.  This would be
better and probably easier than attempting to adjust the hinges to compensate.

Hugh Odom

81 Coupe (gone but not forgotten)
91 Ford Ranger
53 Hudson Hornet (really)