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Re: BMW I6 vs Audi V6 vs VW VR6

Hi fellow q-listers:

        I have been an owner of the 96 A4Q for 7 months now, and I've put
17,000 KM on the car and I used to drive a VW Passat VR6.  It's sad, but I
really miss the power delivery of the VR6 especailly with the Chip and
P-FLOW. However, the Audi V6  actually breath better  than the stock VR6.
Now, if I could get a Chip and a P-FLOW into the A4 ?? humm ?

If we were to compare the VR6 with P-FLOW and chip with the Audi V6 stock, I
would take the VR6 anytime.  But wait till I get the Chip and the P-FLOW for
the A4 and I think I'll change my mind.

96 Red A4Q
Alan Tsun