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Passport Radar Detector

I mounted my original Passport with a "hard-wire" set-up.  The wire is
totally concealed through the plastic moulding on the left side of the
windshield/dashboard.  The cord is also concealed when not in use in the
sun visor.  I stick the thing on the windshield when I use it with the
original suction cup.

The Passport was originally my father's, and he got it the first year it
was available (I think it was 1982 or 1983).  The thing is built like a
tank, and everything still works (including the original lights).  Cincy
Microwave also told me they will refurbish it for $30.00 (replace lights,
re-cover it with that rubber crap, etc.).  The Passport has always worked
well for me...

With respect to an external speaker, it works well.  I took the tweeter off
an old speaker that had a blown woofer, spliced a wire with the correct
jack, and stuck the tweeter on a piece of wire.  The speaker sits in the
left corner of the windshield with the wire stuck in the moulding.  It is
alomost at ear height, and it is plenty loud.  Doesn't look so great, but
neither do red and blue lights in my rear-view mirror....

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