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RE: V8 Tire/Wheel Size,4000q offset

They can be substantially differant in rolling diameter as well as actual 
contact width.  That is why it is important on q's to get a tire of the same 
make and model so you have equal diameters all the way around.

On the same line, can anybody give me an idea of the correct width and offset 
I can use on my 4000q in a 16" size.  I would like to fit 205-50-16 without 
rolling the fenders.TIA

Pat Martin
864000csq 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge(wanted Koni's but got Vetoed by other 
half),advanced and loving it.
95 subaru legacy awd: so stock it hurts
I found it fascinating the different dimensions given for the different serby 
same mfg.
SO! Maybe a 225/55 in one mfg may be the same diameter as a 225/50 by 
another (I think).
Any opinions?????