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Re: '88 90Q door trim

     If you are talking about the door guard(1/3 up outside of door), Audi 
     must have figured this out because my '90 Coupe Quattro has the same 
     strips(painted) that are held on with bolts through the body.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: '88 90Q door trim
Author:  Remi Kwan <rkwan@nil.mni.mcgill.ca> at Internet
Date:    4/10/96 10:02 AM

I'm new to this list, and being a newly converted audi owner I've gotten 
a lot of good tips.
I've got an '88 90Q and I have a problem with the piece of black plastic 
trim that runs along the side of the car.   The front end of the trim on 
one rear door has come unattached.  It seems to have been originally 
attached with some sticky rubber strips on to the body.  
I've tried to glue it back with some epoxy, but that doesn't hold for 
long.   Has anyone else had this problem?    I've seen 90's around here 
with little missing pieces of trim, especially the part behind the rear 
door.  Is there a better way to attach them?
Thanks in advance,