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Just wondering if anyone read the article in the reacent C&D about what makes a
car feel "solid". Talks about why a car feels like it does, vibrations,
frequencies, rigidity, etc. Some great info, made me start to wonder...hmmmm,
if my Audi is "built like a tank" (has that nice "thud" when you close the
door) etc., then why does it seem to have so much torsenal (sp) flex? (The
twisting kind) When I back out of my drive way at an angle (one wheel at a
time) you can hear the body flex/creek. Hard cornering does the same thing.
This is especailly noticable in the doors/window area. Very anoying, lots of
popping/creeking noises. Anyone have any clues to why the 90 series coupes do
this? (No door/window frame for reinforcement?) Do the sedans do this also?
*Every* coupe I drove, while looking for mine, did this. Mine only has 40K on
it and is overall a very tight car. I have 17" rims w/45 series tires which
explains some of the added noise/vibration, but its *not* that much worse than

90 90CQ 40K
90 FZR1000 11K

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