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Re: Jammers

>Ian Duff wrote: (regarding active jammers)
>> 1.) Illegal, since they are unlicensed transmitters.
>Actually, should be qualified. It is illegal in "some" states, like mine (MN) 
but not all.

BZZZZZTTTTTttttttt!!!  Can I use the buzzer now?

Transmitters are under the jurisdiction of the Federal government
because they are ultimately covered by international treaty.  There
are differences in the allowed power, frequency, use, etc. that
constitute allowable use of an unlicensed transmitter.  The best test
however is interference.  Does your transmitter interfere with a
lawful broadcast outside of your structure, or property?  If yes (and
jammers certainly interfere) then you may be up for up to one year in
jail and/or up to a $10,000 fine.  Some states may have a law about
interfering with law enforcement or some such thing relating to radar
detectors or jammers but the feds have teeth and do not fool around.
I have seen them rigorously pursue pirate transmitters.  It is legal
to receive any free radiating radio signal of any type, it is illegal
to transmit.

BTW, each of our computers is an unlicensed transmitter, that is why
the FCC (and similar organizations in other countries) set strict
standards for emissions and interference.  You want to be able to
watch TV while your neighbor uses his computer.  Imagine what a messy
jammer would do to nearby cellular phones!

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe