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Re: no more free owner's manuals

I'm the person who obtained a free one.  Sorry that you too couldn't hook 
on a freebe.

When I called AOA, I was just trying to locate one.  The local dealer 
told me it would be weeks before they could get one, which I thought was 
BS.  Anyhow, I told someone at AOA what I was looking for AND what the 
local dealer told me about the availablity of the manual.  The 
operator put me on hold, and came back and asked me for my address so that 
he could send me one.  I asked about the price and he said "don't worry 
about it...".  THREE DAYS later I had the manual.  

Maybe this person was just in a good mood and their standard procedure IS 
to charge for 'em.  Or, maybe my saying that the dealer told me to wait a 
few weeks for an owner's manual prompted them to send me a free one.  Who