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Re: jammers

On Apr 10,  5:19pm, fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com wrote:

> Dan Masi sez:
> > Don't forget
> >   3.) They make radar detectors in the surrounding vehicles
> >       useless...

> a jammer will not necessarily render useless a nearby detector.
> most jammers are triggered by a detector.  therefore, nearby
> detectors (the good ones) will pick up the initial radar
> encounter first and then see the jammer output.
[...]   the real moron is the guy behind the thumb that starts
> this sequence.   =8)

In my experience, 95% of the time this sequence isn't started by
Officer Friendly in the bushes.  It starts when the jammer's
detector falses, picking up spurious radiation from other nearby
detectors and deciding to fire up.  Here's a common scenario...
guy in blackout-window, jammer-equipped remmiB approaches a
oramaC from behind, which is equipped with a Sprockomatic
radar detector.  At 6 car lengths, remmiB snifs some radar.
remmiB lets loose the klystron.  Sprockomatic shouts at
oramaC driver loudly, who then stands on the brakes, along
with everyone else within a 1/4 mile who thinks that they've
been suddenly illuminated.

Dan Masi