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Re: Scanners

The Uniden Beartracker BCT-7 covers 27 MHz (Citizens Band) thru 950 MHz.  
It has various "bands" in which groups of frequencies are contained.  
Citizen's Band  is one of them as well as the Aircraft Band, Fire 
Services, News, etc.  Also, it has a lot of police frequencies 
pre-programmed by state.  In other words, by selecting CT(via the front 
panel) you would theoretically scan all the frequencies being utilized by 
the police.  This is further broke down to local and/or state.  Caution 
should be exercised in relying upon the pre-programmed scan list as other 
frequencies are being used by your local law enforcement personnel.  The 
pre-programmed list is a good starting place, though.  This scanner also 
monitors for vehicular repeaters and sounds the appropriate alarm when 
one is detected.  My present route takes me from Connecticut to the 
Boston area.  I set the scanner to monitor ALL the pre-programmed 
frequencies in CT and I've added a few additional ones.  In addition, 
since the majority of my driving is in CT, I added only the frequencies 
used in Massachusetts on the Turnpike and Rte 128.  The scanner has the 
provision for adding 25 frequencies into the scan memory.  I also inclued 
channel 19 (the trucker's CB channel) as well as the LO-JACK frequency.  
The radio receives the weather channels, too.  Basically, everything.I 
have my 
scanner connected to the AM/FM radio antenna.  No special wiring was 
done (I just added a Y connector) because a receiver can tolerate a high 
VSWR without adversely degrading its performance.  

I keep the scanner mounted on the dashboard of my AUDI QUATTRO 
(obligatory Audi content) and held in place with velcro.

The radio is cellular blocked, however, it can still monitor this 
frequency range because it can pick up the images of the cellular 
transmission.  City performance is as good as the highway performance.  
Just remember that this radio is a wideband receiver and although it's 
selectivity is reasonable, it is subject to being overloaded in high RF 

Hope this helps someone.

Mike Stricker-WA1SEO
1990 Quattro Coupe

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 17:26:25 -0600 (CDT)
> From: Robert Paul Andrews <randrews@post.smu.edu>
> To: Michael Stricker <stricker@ll.mit.edu>
> Subject: Re: Scanners
> > 
> > I've had the Uniden Beartracker BCT-7 for about a year and like it 
> > except...the 800 MHz band selectivity is not too good.  It is easily 
> > overloaded by mobile cellular phones (the 3 watt type) although it can 
> > be  quite entertaining at times.  The scanner is good, however, I 
> > would consult with a frequency list for your area as the unit is not 
> I had a couple of questions for you as I was thinking about getting one
> to use in conjuction with my radar detector :)
> Now, I have heard that some of the police frequencies are getting up into
> almost in not completely into cel-phone range?  Is this correct, if so,
> does it still pick them up?
> What year was your scanner made?  Is it very update?  DO you drive
> in the city with it?  IF you do, does it give a lot of false readings
> or is just annoying?  What would be your list of pros and cons for them.
> Any input appreciated. Thanks :)
> Rob
> randrews@post.smu.edu
> > "completely" programmed.
> > 
> > If any one wants any detailed info, e-mail me.
> > 
> > Mike Stricker
> > 1990 Quattro Coupe
> >