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Re: New member

About 400 miles on a A4Q so far.  Love it.  Chose over 328 and 850.  I bought
a fully loaded (i.e. everything except the CD player) one.  Thought the Bose,
All Weather package and Sunroof were not essential.  An after market stereo
maybe better value for money.  Found that you can't use an after market CD
Player without a special adapter (unless you want to use the FM modulator
option). Here in Ca seldom need heated seats.  Those 3 were about $2000 extra
in options.  Unfortunately difficult to find a A4Q with less loaded if there
is one available. 

 If you are going to spend $28k for a non Quattro, buy the Quattro for about
another $2k (Quattro has less discount than non Quattro, depending on the
area).  I believe it is better value for money and has better resale value
later on even if you don't drive in sowny area.  I believe you should be able
to get about $500 above invoice for a non Quattro and about $1000-$2000 above
invoice for a Quattro depending on where you lives.

The sport steering wheel and remote entry are good buys.  Ski-sack depends on
wether you ski or not.  Auto or stick shift, depending on your commute.
 Overall it all depends on whats available as A4Q (and A4 too) are in short
supply.  Color availablity an issue too.  Custome order takes up to 2 months
or so.  I bought a fully loaded one because it is the color I want and this
dealer offers me the best price and trade in in the area.

Enjoy shopping and let us know about the results.