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Re: Oil filter

Jim Dupree wrote:
> The Audi part fiche says 87 5000 cs Turbo Quattro uses oil filter part
> # 035 115 561 which, according to Mahle, crosses over to the OC85. The
> Mahle OC47 filter crosses over to 035 115 561 G which fits most non
> turbo 5cyl and 4cyl engines. The same filter (OC85) was used on the
> 5cyl turbo engine for quite awhile, but I'm not sure of the full range.
> I have seen a lot of 5cyl turbo engines with the OC47 filter installed
> and I have never seen a problem with one that was the filters fault but
> I would use the OC85.
> Take care
> Jim Dupree
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Thanks this is the best answer I have seen yet. And what I was looking for.

as far as the vote went:
		4  for the Mahle OC-85
                2  for the Mahle OC-47 (includes Shokan of NY)

it doesn't seem that there is much of a difference between the two but if
anyone knows why the OC-85 is recommended for the turbo please let me know.

Jim I see you are from Alldata. Is this type of information on the CD for the
5000's. Also will the service be available through the net soon?