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Re: 90q diff seals

>Okay, was about to chang my 90Q 20V rear diff w/redline when I noticed leaking
from the right side (facing 
>forward). I believe this is a faulty Flange Shaft Seal. Can anyone tell me why
there is a price difference 
>between the left seal (p/n 017525400A = $47.55)and right seal (p/n 016409399B =
$14.10). Should I replace both?

>Also is this a fairly easy job and can anyone outline the procedure and/or
precautions. Any input is 

I just did mine about 2 months ago.   The difference in price is because the
seal on the left is really big.  The right one can 
be replaced easily with a socket to tap it in.  I had my neighbor make me the
tool to press the left seal in.  Don't mess with the 
left seal if it doesn't leak.  I also have the manual for the 88+ 80/90... if
you want a copy of the procedure.  I also have the tripple square drivers
required for the drive shafts and the 17mm hex driver. 

BTW: I'm in Brooklyn Park, MN  with the 612 area code you must be close.  If you
don't have the tools you are welcome to come
by and do it at my house.  Let me know 612 425-5254.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q